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About Our Murals

  • Only the best materials are used -- artist acrylics specifically for murals, and artist-grade sealant that allows the work to be wiped clean, if needed.

  • All interior murals are made on canvas, instead of directly on the wall. This approach preserves the artwork in case the wall suffers from water damage or cracks. However, we hang them in such a way that they appear as if they were painted directly on the wall. No one will know the difference but you know you’ll have the mural forever – no matter where you go, because they are easily moveable.



  1. Initial concept and dimensions discussed.

  2. 1-3 concepts explored with sketches, if needed – 20% of total fee due, which is applied towards the overall project fee.

  3. One concept finalized and agreed upon.

  4. Contract provided and executed. If sketches were done, 30% of fee is due before work commences. If no sketches, 50% is due. 

  5. Work proceeds, with photo updates emailed to client. Client is encouraged to give feedback on progress – this is a collaboration! Client is also invited to studio in White Plains, NY to see progress in person.

  6. Mural delivered and installed and remaining 50% of fee paid.

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